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Wayside Wonder Days was penned by film maker John David Hartfield.  It is the actor/director's follow-up to  "Homecoming," which has won critical acclaim as it currently makes the rounds on the festival circuit.  The story follows Zack, a former boy band member and 80's high score gamer, who desperately tries to recapture his former fame.   At 42, and hosting Karaoke in Los Angeles in exchange for rent, Zack's life isn't what he imagined it would be. 

When things finally reach the tipping point, Zack is forced to move back to Newark, Ohio, to live with his parents.  There, he must face his lost dreams - and his old job - all the while being reminded of his unfulfilled potential.

In very funny yet poignant moments, Zack is forced to grow up and take responsibility for himself.  Ultimately, he discovers what life has been offering all along the way.

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Contingency (Pilot)
A former LAPD detective goes 'rogue' to find his fiancee's killer while navigating his conscience and old loyalties.

Challenge of the Super Friends
The film explores the wonder and pain of childhood in a small town in the 1970's.

The Member and Me
The Member and Me' is a satirical comedy about Joan and David: husband and wife, spiritual gurus, best selling authors of "The Member and Me:  The Seven Requirements for a Journey like no other" and extremely flawed human beings.  On the biggest day of their career - the day their latest seminar is going to be broadcast live to over 80 countries - they set out on a road trip from Beverly Hills to Monterey to become one with nature and prepare for the event.   The same day, the number one news program in America, "In The Spotlight", hosted by Barbara Sawyer, is also showing an all day special on the authors and their lives leading up to the much-anticipated seminar.  As the world sees where Joan and David came from and the checkered past that lead them to super spiritual guru stardom, their literal journey up the Pacific Coast Highway takes an unexpected turn.  They not only have to fight for their lives but they have to put their own book's principles to the test as they fly off the path to enlightenment and attempt to claw their way back on - even if they have to kill someone to do it.
The Member and Me mixes fictional characters and situations with real people and reality elements in the exact opposite way that the recent box office smash "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan" did.  Joan and David are the real life people and screenwriters of The Member and Me: Kelli Joan Bennett and John David Hartfield.  They have actually written the satirical self help book "The Member and Me, the Seven Requirements for a Journey like no other" and it is currently being published.  They are playing themselves in the movie and the movie is loosely based on their lives.  Although the scenes with Joan and David's family, friends and celebrity acquaintances are scripted in the The Member and Me screenplay, those scenes will be shot reality TV style with their real families, friends and celebrity acquaintances.  

By blurring the lines of reality, fiction, the mockumentary tone of Christopher Guest's A Mighty Wind, Best in Show and Waiting for Guffman, and the narrative edge of the road movie Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, The Member and Me creates a unique cinematic hybrid in a commercially viable film.